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About DK Sportswear

DK Sportswear is a portuguese company specialized in the making of sports apparel. We have a young and dynamic team, which brings together many years of experience in the field of clothing, embroidery and design. We have several items such as football kits, tracksuits, hoodies, jackets, polo shirts, scarves and bags that are fully customized in sublimation. This means that you can include the team logo, name, number and the sponsors you wish without changing the final price.

In addition to these items that we personalize in sublimation, we have yet another type of pieces such as padded jackets, raincoats, polo shirts, t-shirts, backpacks and so on, which we personalize in embroidery or badge with the symbol / name of the team, athlete's initials among other types of customization.

Your team wants to wear our brand?

You just need to tell us your ideas, then we create several mockups based on what you want. After this we start the production process: First we print the designs in a special printer, then we make the sublimation process onto the cloth. Now we just need to put everything together and ship it to you.

Looks simple? It is very simple if you work with DK Sportswear!